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  HDFC MF ONLINE is an online transaction facility offered on for investors of HDFC Mutual Fund whereby they can Purchase, Redeem or Switch units of HDFC Mutual Fund schemes over the Internet. They can also view their account details, transaction details and download their account statements online.
What are the features available on HDFC MF ONLINE
  • Purchase
  • Redemption
  • Switch
  • Register for Systematic Transactions (SIP/STP/FLEXINDEX/FLEX STP)
  • Download Account Statements
  • Multilingual Statement of Accounts
  • Request for documents by email
  • View complete account details and account profile
What are the Pre-requisites for using HDFC MF ONLINE
  • Existing Folio
  • Email ID
  • HPIN ( HDFC Personal Identification Number)
  • Effective 01 January, 2011KYC is mandatory for all Investments irrespective of the investment amount.
Is there any document / agreement required to open an HDFC MF ONLINE account?
  HPIN Application form is the only document required to open an HDFC MF ONLINE account. This application form must be complete in all respects. Incomplete applications shall be rejected.
How do I obtain an HPIN?
  If you are not an investor with HDFC Mutual Fund, you need to submit a duly filled Application Form and submit it at an Investor Service Center nearest to you. After allotment of the folio, you can apply for a HPIN.
If you are already an investor, please submit the duly filled HPIN Application Form at any of our ISC nearest to you and your HPIN will be dispatched to you within 4 business days. You can begin transacting on HDFC MF ONLINE upon receipt of your HPIN.
Where do I obtain the Application Form for HPIN?
  You can download the HPIN Application Form or obtain it at any of our Investor Service Centres (ISCs). Alternatively, you can Request a Form on our website to be mailed to you.
Where do I submit the Application Form for HPIN?
  Application Form for HPIN can be submitted at any of our Investor Service Centres (ISCs).
Who all are required to sign the Application Form for HPIN?
  All Unit Holders are required to sign the Application Form for HPIN, especially when the mode of holding under the folio is "Joint".
When and how will I receive my HPIN?
  Your HPIN will be mailed to your address registered with us within 7 business days from the date of submission of the application form.
I have not received my HPIN. What do I do?
  Normally, subject to the completeness and correctness of the HPIN form, HPIN is dispatched within 7 business days from the date of submission of the form at one of our ISCs. In case we are unable to process you request for any reason, you will be duly intimated. If you have neither received your HPIN nor have been contacted by our Customer Service Executive for over 10 business days, please contact a nearest ISC immediately.
The HPIN I have received is tampered with. What do I do?
  Please do not use your HPIN for login on HDFCMFONLINE. Contact a nearest ISC immediately. They will guide you in obtaining a new HPIN.
I have received my HPIN. How do I transact?
  Enter the HPIN received in the login page on our website, a confirmation of HPIN window will open. You need to provide the details as mentioned on the window. After successful validation of your details you will be directed to the Terms and Conditions page. On acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, for security reasons, you will have to compulsorily reset your password. You can reset the password to any 8- Character alpha numeric along with a mandatory special character of your choice and login with the new HPIN.
  Once you have logged in with your new HPIN, the details of your account will be displayed.
  Using the links on the user-friendly page, you can transact with us electronically.
How do I make the payment for purchases?
  Electronic fund transfer arrangement has been made with select banks, the list is available on our website. You need to have a net-banking facility with any one of these banks for transferring funds to effect a purchase transaction.
Can I use credit/ debit cards for purchase?
  No. Payment can be made only via electronic fund transfer, through designated banks.
How will I receive the redemption proceeds?
  After successful processing of your redemption transaction for applicable NAV, the redemption proceeds will be paid out to your existing bank account registered with us.
I forgot my HPIN. What do I do?
  You can click on the Forgot HPIN link in the login page on our website and fill the necessary details on the screen. Upon successful validation of your details, a confirmation message will be displayed on the screen and a new HPIN will be sent to your correspondence address registered with us.
My account is locked. What do I do?
  Account gets locked after 5 consecutive incorrect logins. On the 6th incorrect login, an ‘Unlock Account' window will open. You need to provide the details as mentioned on the window. After successful validation of your details, your account will be unlocked. You can click on the "Back" button provided on the page to return to the login page and login again. If you still can't remember your HPIN, you need to click on the Forgot HPIN link on the login page. .
Does my HPIN have validity?
  For security measures the HPIN will expire after 90 days to avoid any misuse. That is the user will have to change the HPIN on or before the 90th day. If the 90 days are over you can login with the same HPIN and the system would automatically direct you to change your HPIN page. After successful change of HPIN you can start logging in with the new HPIN. Please note you do not need to apply for a new HPIN.
Can I change my address and bank mandate on HDFCMFONLINE?
  No. For security reasons such facilities are not offered on HDFCMFONLINE.The investor will have to submit physical request for the same.
Can I update my contact details (phone no.) through HDFCMFONLINE
  Yes. Contact details i.e. only mobile number and landline numbers (residence and office) can be updated online. The option is available on the summary page.
Can I register for systematic transactions (SIP / STP / FLEX Index / FLEX STP) on HDFCMFONLINE?
  Yes, please click here to know how the same can be done.
Can I register for HDFC Flexindex Plan on HDFCMFONLINE?
  Yes, please click here to know how the same can be done
What acknowledgment do I receive for my transactions?
  A request confirmation email will be sent to your email ID registered with us, after successful registration. Once your transaction is posted, a transaction confirmation email along with an updated account statement will be sent to you email ID registered with us. You can also view the status of your transaction request logged, under pending transactions tab on HDFCMFONLINE.
Can I have a single HPIN for all my different folios?
  No. HPIN is offered at a folio level only. For obtaining a single HPIN across all your investments, you will need to first submit a physical folio consolidation request. Certain conditions apply for consolidation of folios. After all you folios have been consolidated into one, you can apply for HPIN for that consolidated folio.
Would I be charged any fee while making payment online for my purchase transaction?
  HDFC Mutual Fund does not charge any fee. However, you are requested to contact your bank for any charges that they might levy.
What is the NAV applicable for my transaction?
  Cut-off timings as per SEBI guidelines are applicable as the website ( is an Official Point of Acceptance. The time of transacting will be the time at which the request is logged in. For your convenience, the date and transaction time is displayed in Real Time on your transacting screen.
Can I use both HDFCMFONLINE and the physical mode (submitting a transaction slip at an Official Point of Acceptance) for transacting?
What if my transaction request is not processed?
  In the rare event of a registered transaction request not being processed, one of our Customer Services Executives will endeavor to get in touch with you. A suitable letter will also be sent to you. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our ISC for more information.
Will I be charged for availing this facility?
  No. At present, this facility is being offered free of cost.
Is transacting online safe?
  Our site is VeriSign certified. Sufficient safety measures have been undertaken to protect the interest of all our Investors. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that the information transmitted between you and us across the internet is safe and secured. SSL is a common and the most effective protocol for sending confidential information securely over the Internet. It works by using a private, mathematical key to encrypt data that's transferred between your Web browser and the website you're visiting. This Digital Security certificate has one 128-bit encryption level obtained from VeriSign (Safescript).
How can I terminate my HPIN facility?
  You need to submit a written request at any ISC. The AMC will require at least 10 business days to invalidate your HPIN and terminate your HDFC MF ONLINE facility. If in the future you wish to resume this facility, a new agreement needs to be signed and submitted.
When I confirm my purchase request, the screen displays "Redirecting to payment gateway", but no window opens. What is wrong?
  The payment gateway opens as a pop-up and pop-up blockers, if enabled, stops the page from redirecting to the payment gateway. There are 2 pop-up blockers to be disabled to enable the page to be redirected to the payment gateway - the Google tool bar and the one on the browser. You are requested to disable both and retry.
I cannot view any logout button. How do I log out?
  HDFC MF ONLINE is designed for monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 and above. The same is mentioned at the bottom of the login page. If you are using a resolution of 800 x 600 then the log out button extends outside the screen towards the right. You are requested to change you resolution to 1024 x 768 and you should be able to view the log out button on the top right hand corner of the screen.
My account has been debited but I have not received any confirmation of my purchase. What do I do?
  Incase you do not complete your transaction (complete the transfer of funds) within 10 minutes of confirming your purchase details; you might not get a transaction confirmation number. This is also possible in case of rare connectivity issues. In such cases, you can contact any of our ISC nearest to you or send an email to for the status of such transactions.
What are the other options available on HDFC MF ONLINE ?
  The below services are also offered on HDFC MF ONLINE ?
  • Query / Complaint form
  • To subscribe for EDocs
  • Change of Dividend Option (Payout to Re-invest)
  • Access Log of the last 5 transactions
I cannot see my bank mandate once I login. How do I view my bank details?
  You would have to click on the ‘More Info' button located at the end of the scheme details to view your bank details.
When I type in my broker code as ‘DIRECT', it says invalid broker code. How do I invest without a broker?
  In case you are typing "No Broker" in the field provided, the same would not be accepted and an error message saying "Invalid Broker Code" will be displayed. You would have to click on the link provided on the right hand side of the broker code field mentioning "No Broker". That will automatically select 'DIRECT' option for your transaction and you would be able to transact without any broker code.
I have invested through HSBC QNIS (Channel) and had requested for a HPIN. Will my request be rejected?
  The HPIN request will be processed.
I wish to access all my folios by logging in once, using a single HPIN. How do I do that?
  HPIN is used as a password for the folio, which is used as a user ID for logging in to view the details of a particular folio. Hence, you would have to use separate HPINs for separate folio numbers. Alternatively, you can consolidate all your folios to use one HPIN for viewing all your details.