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HDFC Mutual Fund - Multilingual Statement of Account (MSA) HDFC Mutual Fund - Multilingual Statement of Account (MSA)
What is a Multilingual Statement of Account?
  This is a new facility from HDFC Mutual Fund in an effort to help investors read their Mutual Fund statement of account in the language they wish to and in a user-friendly manner. Multilingual Statement of Account (MSA), as the facility is called, is offered to unit holders of HDFC Mutual Fund.
What are the features / details available in the MSA?
  • Transaction details.
  • Portfolio Summary.
  • Summary of Account Registration Details
  • Fund Messages
  • Summary of Dividends Undelivered, if any
  • Load Structures.
What are the pre-requisites for this facility?
  • An Existing Folio.
  • An Email ID OR Mobile number registered with us.
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) or bank account number registered in our records (Please note for multiple bank accounts registered with us, use the default bank account number only).
I am an existing subscriber of the HDFC MF ONLINE facility? Can I view the multi lingual
Yes. The option of viewing the multi lingual statements is part of the HDFCMFONLINE menu. Please click here to login on to HDFCMFONLINE.
I do not have an email ID nor do I have a mobile contact number registered with HDFC Mutual Fund. How can I register for this facility?
  In case your email ID and Mobile number is not registered with HDFC Mutual Fund, a link will be provided on the MSA login screen on our website to download the contact details updation form. The duly filled and signed form can be submitted at any of our nearest Investor Service Centres (ISCs). Upon receipt of the valid request we will update the email/mobile contact information. Once the details are updated, you can avail this facility.
I have an email ID and also a mobile contact number registered with HDFC Mutual Fund. How can I avail this facility?
  You can avail this facility in two ways. With a registered mobile number, you can view the MSA instantly, by way of a unique passcode, which will be sent to you. This passcode will help you view the statement on our website. Similarly, if you have a registered email ID with us, a statement of account will be mailed to this email ID.
I am an NRI and my mobile number is not from a service provider in India. Can I avail this service?
  No. This service is not available if you have a mobile service from a non-Indian service provider. The best option for you is to avail this service through a registered email ID.
What if my contact details i.e. my mobile number or the email id is incorrectly registered?
  In case your email ID / Mobile number has been incorrectly registered (or you may have changed the contact details and not informed us), you may submit the correct details using our contact details updation form. Please click here to download this form. Upon the receipt of the request we will update the correct email/mobile. You can then avail this facility.
What is a passcode?
  The passcode issued to you is unique and is meant to ensure security of your investment information. It will ensure that the passcode is issued only to the registered mobile number of the unit holder and information is securely accessed.
Does the passcode issued to me have any validity?
  Yes, this has a validity period of 30 minutes from its generation. This is also a security feature. To request for a new one, please repeat the procedure prescribed for MSA on our website. A new passcode will be messaged to your registered mobile number.
Can I re use the same passcode?
  This is a one-time use passcode. Each time you request for a statement to view instantly, a new passcode will be required.
Are Hindi and Marathi the only languages available for the MSA?
  No. English statements are presently available. Hindi and Marathi were chosen as the first non-English language for the MSA. Other major Indian languages like Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati are languages which are available on MSA.
Are these the only languages that are planned?
  No, we would like to offer the MSA service in other Indian languages as well. Your feedback of the preferred language besides the ones available / planned for launch will be of immense use for other languages to be considered.
Will I be able to see the complete account statement?
  There are two options available.
a. A standard account statement : This is a predefined statement with a host of information for a period that you choose to have.
b. A customized statement of account: Your have the freedom to choose the contents of the statement that you wish to have. Certain mandatory information will however form part of the statement.
Do I have the option to choose only the specific period of investments in the MSA?
  Yes you have the option to choose the same from a range starting 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month.
Will I get the physical MSA if requested for?
  This facility is available online on our website, through HDFC MF ONLINE, can be emailed to you and also available at all our Investor Service Centres.
If I register for the MSA facility will the current option of receiving the account statement discontinue?
  No. This is only an added facility. All other facilities will continue.
Will I be charged for availing this facility?
  This facility is free of cost to the unit holder.
What are the advantages of this facility?
  The MSA facility has been introduced for the convenience our investors keeping in mind their varied and changing needs. This facility offers:
  • Online account statement which can be downloaded anytime, anywhere.
  • Available on demand at all offices of HDFC Mutual Fund.
  • It can be viewed in the language as per the choice of the investor (presently Hindi, Marathi, English,Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali and Gujarati  with more Indian languages to follow shortly).
  • Provides additional useful information viz. fund related messages for unit holders, summary of undelivered dividend warrants (if any), existing products and / or services, new products and/or services, load structures of schemes etc.
  • Most importantly, it shall help unit holders understand their statement of account and its contents better, in the language of their choice.
In case you have any additional queries, please feel free to:
  There are two options available.
a. Call us on 1800-233-6767 / 60006767 (Do not use any code).
b. write to us at
c. Visit any of our Investor Service Centers or,
d. Contact your independent financial advisor.